Cloud Computing Risk Mitigation Via Contract Negotiation and Vendor Management - Seminar Description


If you don’t think your organization is using cloud computing services, think again. The ease with which cloud computing can be adopted means that end users can sign up for a cloud service without going through traditional channels, such as IT or purchasing. The acquisition of cloud computing services presents a paradigm shift from traditional IT procurement, and brings with it a unique set of risks. Client organizations need to be aware of these risks and be prepared to effectively address them prior to acquiring the service. A client must identify, analyze and mitigate these issues relative to their unique needs and tolerance for risk in each specific use case. Unprepared organizations expose themselves to a wide range of risks related to data security, compliance, service availability, and vendor lock-in.

What You'll Learn

Seminar participants will leave this seminar with a thorough understanding of what cloud computing is, it's unique nature, benefits and challenges, the paradigm shift that cloud computing represents, and an organized framework and checklist by which to mitigate cloud computing risks related to infrastructure and security, service level agreements, data location, access and protection, and vendor relationships. After attending this seminar, participants will be fully equipped and prepared to help their organizations effectively mitigate these risks and maximize the benefits of cloud computing deployments. Each participant will receive their own copy of the Cloud Computing Contract Checklist (C4), a proven tool for mitigating cloud computing risk mitigation via contract negotiation and vendor management.

Who Should Attend

This course is the must attend learning event for anyone implementing, planning, or considering adopting a cloud computing solution, including professional in the following disciplines:

    • Vendor Management

    • Procurement/Sourcing

    • Contract Management

    • IT - Technical

    • IT - Security/Policy

    • Legal Affairs

    • Risk Management

    • Privacy Officers

    • Audit/Compliance/Governance

    • Business Managers

Course Outline

  • The Unique Nature of Cloud Computing

    • Characteristics

    • Services models

    • Deployment models

    • Benefits

  • The Paradigm Shift of Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Risk Mitigation Framework

      • Infrastructure and Security

        • Information security

        • Physical security

        • Operations management

    • Service Level Agreements (SLA)

      • SLA parameters

      • SLA metrics

      • SLA remedies

    • Data Protection, Access and Location

      • Data ownership

      • Data access and disposition

      • Data breaches

      • Data location

    • Vendor Relationship

      • Costs to continue use

      • Termination

      • Mergers and acquisitions

      • Vendor outsourcing

Course Format

The course length is one day and runs from 9:00 am to 5:00 p.m.

Materials and Class Size

All course materials are provided. Space is limited to 30 people. If the minimum number of registrations is not attained we may cancel or defer this class. We are not responsible for travel-related expenses incurred in the event of a change.